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Game Maker Games - Jumper
 Jumper by YoMamasMama
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Review by tapeworm
Jumper is the story of Ogmo, an experimental life form that was abandoned, unfinished, in a laboratory. Many years later, the creature awakened. And in trying to escape, Ogmo unwittingly made an unprecedented impact in the Game Maker Community.

Jumper is something of a stripped-down platform game with simple solid-colored graphics, tiny sprites, and ingenious level design. The music (some, if not all, taken from other games) and the sound effects work very well to complement the theme and the mechanics. Just about every aspect of the game is straightforward and simple. But simple does not mean easy. . . . Depending on your skill at these types of games, and maybe regardless of it, you will probably find Jumper extremely difficult. If you like to challenge yourself, then this is a game for you. If you can't resist a challenge and have work in the morning, this may be a game to play another time.

You are given unlimited chances to pass each level, and your progress is saved each time you complete one. As you go along, you are introduced to new (but familiar) elements such as moving platforms, electrical barriers, trick floors, and so on. While Jumper does not really introduce many new and innovative gameplay mechanics, the way the various elements are combined in the level design are what give this game a lot of its challenge and its appeal. I have found myself more than once thinking "What, I'm expected to do that?" at the same time knowing in the back of my mind that many 'lives' later when I finally succeed, the next level will likely be even more devious. If you finish the game (or not), it also includes an editor that lets you make your own levels.

I mentioned the game's appeal. After its release, Jumper soon established a loyal, even fanatical, fan base in the Game Maker Community forums. At about the same time, and probably largely in response, emerged those who seemed to absolutely hate the game. These movements resulted in a flurry of Jumper fan games and clones, a battle that got the official forum topic locked, personal death threats to the game's creator, and more.

Whether you'll love the game, hate it, or remain somewhere in between, you really should try Jumper. There is also a sequel, Jumper 2, that arguably improves upon all of the elements that make this game what it is.

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Opinions about Jumper

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.10.11 Flashlight
Rating: 10

Excellent game! I made something like a platform game, more of a friendly adventure.
2009.12.12 EagloBane
Rating: 8

I beat this game a couple years ago. When I beat it, the first thing I said to myself was: "I'm never playing this game again!" I know what you're thinking, but I did not say this because the game was bad. I said it because the game was so incredibly hard that beating it felt near impossible almost the whole time I played.

The game is incredibly addictive, and it's simple graphics and fast gameplay add to the immersion in a good way. I can't remember what the music was like, but I don't think it was bad. Also, the levels were excellently designed to maximize difficulty.

However, I feel that the game was altogether too difficult. I did finally beat it, but, as you now know, my immediate response was not, "that was a great game!" My response was, "I'm never playing this game again!"

Needless to say, this is not a game you pick up and play as a brief diversion. You need to set aside quite a bit of time to make up for the incredible amount of time you will spend trying to beat one level.
2009.01.25 Aidan12
Rating: 10

Honestly! This game is excellent! How do you get past stage 1-2, though?
2008.03.17 fadohacolu
Rating: 7

I HATE this game, why?. Becuase it's so feaking hard. At the same time however, I LOVE this game, why? Because it's so freaking hard!

Nicely done, though it becomes too hard too fast. I would have given players a chance to enjoy it before it became so difficult. But IDK, it still rocks hardcore.
2008.01.07 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: 8

An addictive and brutally hard platformer. Despite dying around 200 times on the same level, I kept coming back for more. The graphics are simple but good. I don't know why I like this game so much, I just do.
2007.07.31 Decamarero
Rating: 8

Hmm interesting game I reckon you could have made it slightly less repetive but yes it is a classic game, tough though i got to admit but yea:
Grafix: 7/10 intersting nice work
Sound: 7/10 could of made it work with the game
gamepla˙: 9/10 excellent hard though (easy mode considerable?)
polish: 8/10 nicely done gameplay excellent sound yea and jus everything tied in 8/10
2006.12.16 dallb123
Rating: 10

All I can say is... YOU ROCK. The best game ever. No question about it. Even better then Super Smash Bros Melee
2006.07.27 Ogmobot
Rating: 9

Music could use work, a few minor physics glitches....

But still a great game. (i prefer redux tho)


My friend refuses 2 accept that Jumper is a game. I think that's because he can't beat it lol :P
2006.06.11 Waku
Rating: 4

Great gameplay and srategy. Poor music and graphics. You really should have went the extra mile and made the game very realisitc by using some intresting sprites and colorful back grounds.
2005.12.18 Farn
Rating: --

This game is so fun and addicting that I forgot to do my homework playing it.
2005.12.18 Farn
Rating: 9

Sorry I forgot to rate the game.
2005.09.18 Bwebster
Rating: 9

This is the best game ever, definately going into my favourites!!!
2005.07.19 Goombas Inc.
Rating: 10

2005.07.18 sword_kill
Rating: 9

I think this is an amazing game! good graphics, gameplay, music, but the only downfall is... ITS SO GOD DAMN HARD! but apart from that...IT ROCKS!
2005.07.15 duckman35
Rating: 7

At first this seems like just another platform game with not very good graphics. But then after it beems actually addictive. I was playing for quite a long time trying to beat. There many different types of items and other that you have to use to get through the levels. Quite unique. Good game.
2005.05.26 rave-craft
Rating: 9

Sweet game! Though I can't even download J2 cus the link is broken...

Graphics: 4-Not the best...

Sound: 8-The sounds sometimes merdge into each other and you couldn't hear some very well....

Interactivity: 10-ALOT to do! Most game there's not as much....

Style: 8-The actual goal and everything is abit simple... But yet, actually doing some of it needs precise timing. And that's hard to do...

Overall: 9/10 - A very good game!
2005.05.21 SWEFX
Rating: 5

I honestly don't see the appeal to this game. It's good but not that good.
2005.05.20 Kamencreations
Rating: 8

this is one of those game you eather love or you hate and I like it! i meen it has realy good puzles the sprite's are simeple but they fit the game
2005.04.26 Gamerater
Rating: 9

Hi I love this game, And if you love it then look out for my game called O.H.I.S. Its kinda like, this but, I made it before I knew this game exsisted. Wierd huh??? well 9/10 for me!
2005.04.05 lewa417
Rating: 8

This game shows how hard and impossible (not to mention frustrating!) plalform games can get.
Still, great game though.
2005.02.16 Sam1
Rating: 9

There is now a remake of Jumper with a ton of new features including all the original stages, a new set of stages, and even online multiplayer.
Also all the grphics and music on the gaem has been updated. It is called JUMPER: REDUX. To download it/get more info on it, go to the official website: http://www.helixgamesinc.com/
This game is excellent!
2005.01.08 Dr_baconman
Rating: 8

I can't say much because I played the sequel first (what was I thinking???). BUT! It still has the qualities of a platformer! All elements, nifty jumps, dozens of obstacles, music, the works. However, because I played Jumper 2 first, I can't say much else. Perhaps you should ignore my ways by playing this first, then Jumper 2.
2004.12.30 Mark42
Rating: 9

I think this is a great game. It's fun and quite addictive. Graphics are not bad, gameplay is great! surely one of the best Gamemaker games I've seen.
2004.12.13 ruhtrA
Rating: --

Just because u suck at it.
2004.12.09 PG Games
Rating: 3

This game shows how bad a platform game can be. Boring and repetitive gameplay, sucky and small graphics, ripped music, etc.
2004.08.24 ruhtrA
Rating: --

This is the best game ever! Not to mention, Jumper 2 is even more intense and fun!!
2004.08.21 Anonymi
Rating: --

Holy sh*t this is amazing! SO much fun...I think this is definitely close to one the best games I've come across. It's like a NES classic (but better than a lot), it's wicked. I tried to get Jumper 2 but the link's broken.
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