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Game Maker Games - Blast Radius
 Blast Radius by Dex (Chris Royer)
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Review by Serrellious
Blast Radius places you in the suit of an astronaut stranded on Mars. With only your gun and generic apt jumping abilities, you are to find your way back to Earth.

To start off, Blast Radius has beautifully composed graphics that alone make the game worth a look. Particle Effects are well implemented and truly look spectacular within the game, as do the evnirons that you often must traverse. There is absolutely little or no reason that anyone would dislike the graphics presented within Blast Radius.

The gameplay of Blast Radius does not par with the graphics of the game, but falls rather short. While the level designs and puzzles are well made and fun--though nothing truly special--the learning curve for Blast Radius is pointlessly difficult. This was a definite negative aspect for the game.

In the game, each room is just about always equipped with various switches and obstacles that you must witfully examine and approach if you're to get through. Using your gun, you can destroy blocks, activate switches and uncover various other things while you must constantly jump to avoid enemies, spikes and all sorts of other hazardous objects.

In addition to the previously mentioned learning curve issue, another flaw lies in the controls for Blast Radius; specifically the aiming mechanism for your gun. Because you must use the up and down arrow keys to aim your gun, aiming itself is often difficult and tedious; a true detriment to your ability to hit enemies and switches.

But, the controls and learning curve are not the only flaws of the game--with them is a badly done soundtrack and a complete lack of sound effects. While the music itself isn't terrible, the repitition of the music is, as it creates a sense of monotony that is completely deviant from the diversity of each room in the game. As for the sound effects, there is little to say besides that they were nonexistent; something which is quite sad considering that sound effects add a great deal of depth to games.

Together, the several flaws noted in Blast Radius truly bring the game down in terms of quality, although this does not mean it would be a waste of time to download and play--certainly, while it has some negatives to it, Blast Radius still has awe-inspiring graphics and quite a few interesting levels for you to play through.

Final Rating: 6/10

Highs: Great graphics, pretty good levels
Lows: Steep learning curve, bad controls, monotonous soundtrack, no sound effects

Download Blast Radius (EXE, ~1.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: --

HAHA i like this game, hey everyone, check out my game called journey to hell
2007.01.06 twizko
Rating: 8

yeh im stuck at the spikey shell dude too =[ but i give this game 8 because the game and its looks are very well done =]
2006.10.15 Jabberwock
Rating: 8

This game is about as hard as Jumper, and even less forgiving. In fact, I wish I could say it's too hard to be good. But I can't, because for some reason I absolutely love this game, even though it almost makes me cry. It succeeded in engaging me where Jumper failed, and I'm very much addicted to it. Of course, it does have problems, most notably that darn aiming system that makes everything so difficult even on easy mode (this is the first time I've played a game on easy and felt it was worth it), but somehow I think that's part of what makes it so much fun, too.

Even though everyone seems to hate this game, I wish I had made it. :]
2006.08.14 Rokuji
Rating: 6

aztec, dont do that.
I got past the spikey shell part, but sometimes you would just walk into a room and instantly die, because an enemy was walking right infront of the door. there should also be more save points.
2006.06.15 aztec
Rating: 10

I wonder what a score of 10 would do to the rank of this game
2006.04.08 lightbulb
Rating: 6

Yes Me too I can't get past that first part. It ruined the experiance because I thought it was an interesting game! But everytime I get to the one part where there is a small spikey shell shuffling along the round and some kind of door looking thing on the opposite wall, I dont know what to do. Please help me as I would love to play the rest of the game.
2005.03.19 venomblood0
Rating: 8

This is fun, but how do you get past that part near the beginning. There is a walking, spikey shell and I don't know what to do.
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