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Game Maker Games - Deal
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Review by Serrellious

You take control of a spider-like robot that can cling to walls, jump extremely high, and fire multiple types of weapons; the goal being to blow your way through several levels of chaos and mayhem.

Graphics: 6/10

The graphics for this game were, for the most part, quite nice, and in fact, I have to admit that they were above average. The anime-style portraits were very nicely done, and I especially liked the color choices for the portraits and the enemies.

Unfortunately, with the good come the bad, and some of the backgrounds, tiles and animations done in this game were very poorly completed, which truly devastated the overall graphics for the game.

Music: 6/10

Not quite the best music choices I've heard, but it wasn't terrible either. Sometimes I felt that the music was too loud and that mood of the game and the music differed considerably, but for the most part they sounded pretty nice, so for those reasons, I wasn't that perturbed with the music selections that were used.

Sound Effects: 8/10

The sound effects for this game were very nicely chosen, and set the mood very well, although they tended to be offset by the mood of the music, which seemed to contrast greatly with the kind of mood the sound effects framed. But regardless, the sound effects were a very nice addition to this game.

Controls: 8/10

I had some issues with the controls; for example, I would constantly mix up the primary fire and secondary fire buttons. I also came to believe that the movement keys were too sensitive and made the robot move too fast for me to have good control. Besides these things, the rest of the controls were fine and didn't in any way interfere with overall gameplay and enjoyment.

Gameplay: 6/10

Although everything fit in nicely for the most part, I felt that what especially degraded the quality of the game was how the spider robot moved too fast for you to control it well, and about how it "magnetically" latched onto walls. Although for the most part quite useful, sometimes it gave me one heckuva hard time maneuvering around in the levels.

Like I said earlier, the speed at which the robot moved was a pretty major issue, and it especially shows when you try and race your own laser beams--do so, and you'll come to see that you go at the same speed as they do! Something like this is not only unrealistic, but as I said earlier as well, it lowers the quality of the game.

Besides that, everything ran smoothly, and there were some very nice enemies to blow up in this game, so I guess I can say that it was pretty enjoyable for the most part.

Replay Value: 2/10

This is one of those games that once you've either beaten it or become tired of playing it, you'll probably delete it off your computer, considering there isn't much incentive to go back to playing it one more time.

Overall: 6/10

Although this game had some very nice features, it sometimes also had lousy graphics, bad music choices, and a hard-to-control main character. Those few things are what really brought this game down to an average rating; if those things had been fixed, I would have certainly gone as far as saying that this game is really worth the download. Only get this game if you're really in the mood for getting mad over some silly spider robot that moves too fast for you to control well.

+Highs: Nice graphics for the most part, good sound effects
-Lows: Sometimes had lousy graphics, main character moved too fast to control easily, music wasn't the best

The Author wrote:
This is the best game I have made yet. The game is about a person called Jack who builds a robot to destroy a group of Evil robots who have been hassling him and his buddies. In the game, you play as a spider-like robot which can cling to ceilings and uses lasers and rockets as weapons. The game has 15 levels and over 10 different types of enemies.

Download Deal (EXE, ~1.03 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.02.07 Dr. shock
Rating: 10

Ok , heres my review:

3/10 - Story : i didn't really like the story
too much , it seemed kinda lame and pointless
7/10 - Graphics : the graphics are pretty good
better then what i can create thats for sure!
10/10 - Music : i loved the music!!! cause i love
Eifel 65's techo music!! it totally macthed the mood of the game , thats for sure!!!
9/10 - Gameplay : the gameplay was awsome , and almost flawless , but i noticed a lack of levels , because within only 35 minutes i found myself fighting the lastboss , and changing the spiderrobots speed will be great.
8/10 - Overall : good game , love the wall climbing, great missle physics but bad speed setting for the robot, and poor animatation at times , but still an exelent game , its worth the download , TRUST ME!!!!!!!!
P:S: Please make a sequel! im your biggest fan!!
PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!MAKE ONE!!!!!!!!! :) ;) :0 ;0
2006.01.09 happysister
Rating: --

game has been reuploaded, so the link should work now. have fun!
2005.05.17 Saq02
Rating: 10

i like this game and i reckon it's good for replay value.
2004.10.16 thesodamachine
Rating: 7

Not bad, I like the wall climbing and stuff...That's really cool.
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