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Game Maker Games - Dim
Review by Damaged
Game Overview: You play a lab mutant, who has the power to change the environment around him by changing the dimensions. This game is very long and challenging.

Game play: This game plays as no other game that I have seen before. You play as a lab mutant that has the ability to change surrounding environments depending on the dimension that you are in. As in Jumper and Jumper 2, you have the ability to double jump and receive other “power ups” that allow you double jump yet again. You will require these items to get around some really tricky areas. Dim also has the ability to grab on to ledges if you press the direction that the ledge is at. Sometimes you will be forced to change dimensions to get past a certain part for there is no possible way to get beyond that point. Overall the game physics are professional and sound. They are perfect for the type of game that it is.

Level Design: The level design in Dim is spectacular. You can see both Dex and YoMamasMama’s dedication to excellence. These levels are well planned and very elaborate. They have mixed in elements of both puzzles and platform games. This is not the type of game that you can just blast you way through trying to figure out the obstacles as you go. You must plan your ever move before committing to a jump. Also, there are lasers that you must turn on or off depending on what the level dictates. These are turned on or off by well placed switches. Also, to add a whole new swing on this game, you must switch dimensions to figure out what the best route is to defeat the level. The level design is top-notch stuff.

My Experience: Dim, like Jumper before it has me frustrated and some how addicted to this game. There are many jumps that you will swear are impossible, and then get past them. This is only till you get to the next level and find another part that you swear is not possible. This is not a bad thing in anyway. You see, this game offers just the right amount of difficulty that keeps you magnetically draw to it. You just have to keep thinking, “I know I can beat this!”

This game has some real nice polish to it too. For instance, you can unlock secret stages, turn off the music and it saves your game each time you exit a level. Turning off the music is a nice touch because with most Game Maker games, there is the dreaded “midi hiccup” and in this game, with little room for error, the midi hiccup could mean life or death. So naturally, I sample the music and move on. Speaking of music, the music fit every stage that you play, it gave some nice ambience.

Now, unfortunately, no review is perfect. This game comes very close to being perfect, but there are a few things that made my experience not perfect. For instance, in level 21, you must race through the level to stop a man from destroying Dim’s friend, Ense. I know that this is level 21 and I should be able to race through the level, but you have to move real fast to stop him from killing Ense. In this type of game, where you must pin-point your jumps, you need some time to think and I feel that you don’t have enough time to do so. Yes the level is beatable, but it takes a whole lot of deaths to complete. There are other levels like this, but I am using it as an example.

I am not a fan of Dim’s jumping animation. He just kind of spins, I felt that more could have been done with it.

That is about the extent of my negative remarks, I tried to find things wrong and this is all I could come up with. This game is top-notch and should be played by anyone that is looking for a real challenging game. But be warned, Dim is not an easy game, maybe not as hard as jumper, but still no walk in the park.


Download Dim (EXE, ~1.57 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.03.28 Chakra
Rating: --

hey you game is so hard!! i cant pass in level 5 & 4.
2006.10.10 zacrath
Rating: 8

This game is great! It keeped me hooked for hours, then I gave up on stage 2.
2006.08.23 Z_Games
Rating: 9

This game is very good and challenging,it cost me a lot to reach Biggs
2006.08.18 virus616
Rating: 8

After playing through a couple of levels I came over to this.
Level 2? Easy right?

I can't get past level 2 now, I feel so bad.... I think I'll go hide in the closet while the world explodes.......

Anyway, great game! That 2 dimension thing was great! I noticed for a little bit Yomamasmama
fell into a bit of a slump and I thought the Jumper series was his only great accomplishment. I was wrong.
2006.07.27 Ogmobot
Rating: 10

Would have been 8 or 9.... But then i beat Biggs!! :D

A few minor glitches, but i'm going 2 have 2 give this game an 11!
2006.03.30 Dilbertguy
Rating: 6

I didn't enjoy this game too much considering that I can't even beat level 2. If you want a better platfromer game, get Jumper 2.
2005.12.27 drdemention
Rating: --

incredible. Pure platforming genius. This is defenitely my favorite game on GMG to date, and I can only pray the collective genius of Helix and Crimax once again comes together. I never could beat the boss or several other 'time crisis' levels, but I still loved it!
2005.08.15 ih8_iceclimbers
Rating: 8

looks and sounds similar to .::Atomic Butcher::. but better for sure!
2005.08.14 drdemention
Rating: --

Wow. Personally, I prefer this to Jumper(don't get me wrong, they're both very good games) It is very difficult, but every time I go back I make a little more progress. The graphics, the gameplay, WOW. I am truly amazed. (hold on I wonder if this works) testing
2005.06.29 Nerd-Man
Rating: 9

This is a great game. It's great great great. The only problem is that it's very hard. Oh, and sometimes I get caught in a wall and continually change dimesions even though I'm not pressing the z key. o_0 So, yeah, it's really cool.
2005.06.12 Pie_4
Rating: 7

2005.05.28 Knux91
Rating: 10

The review said it all. Seriously, I never thought anything could get harder than Jumper (2 and Redux), but this game obviously proves it. Of course, if it was just rock-hard, I would have left this game a long time ago. The main attraction of this game, as many other people have said, is the sheer variety of obstacles. One level has you ride an out-of-control airship, the next has you in a Lemmings-style level where you pull switches and obstacles to save your friend, and then there'll be a level where you're trapped inside a deadly ring and have to move along with it. Guranteed, this game will take a long time to beat, and you'll definitely have fun (and maybe learn some new swear words) in the process.
2005.05.11 Dr_baconman
Rating: 9

Well, well! Ingenious! A great addition to 'Jumper-ish' games. I tell you, I loved just about everything in the game except for one thing, and this is persistant in 'Jumper-ish' games: Significant increase in difficulty level. In a mere 3 levels, you might be too frustrated to walk, or something. But, that is what gives it that challenging touch, so... a 9 for you!
Good job.
2005.04.21 wobe_studios
Rating: 10

Ive played it at a friends house because it wont load on my cpu :(:(
A great game but fix the loading prob will ya?
2005.04.09 sonicrulez10
Rating: --

dang, it looks fun, but it wont load x.x
2005.01.24 maxmon
Rating: 10

Dude, I got a idea, it's like dim it's just ur a janitor instead of dim! This game RoCKS
2005.01.07 Ergo
Rating: 8

this is an awesome game, but really frustrating.. all well, still good
2005.01.01 L33TNerd
Rating: --

Holy chipolte steaak-and-cheese sandwhich from Subyway for only $2.99! Look at the staff rating? Hot the *** can my Super Sumo Ball get a better review than this? Whoah. Hell, this deserves a better staff rating, but whuddyah going to do?
2004.11.26 Black_Wind
Rating: 8

Fantastic game! Switching between dimensions is a unique add. I would say that it takes some skill to beat the game. Keep up the good work!
2004.10.27 supermario89
Rating: 7

it is a very good idea with 2 dimensions
but the game is a litle bit difficult
2004.10.10 metal chao
Rating: --

awww, it says: unexpected error occured while running the game :(
it sounds good too :(
2004.10.03 ruhtrA
Rating: 10

This game is like Jumper, but, in my opinion, much more fun.
Took me weeks to complete the whole thing.
2004.09.11 Razor
Rating: 6

This game is good, but nothing compared to the jumper games.
2004.08.31 gerry
Rating: --

this game is great, it deserves at least an 8 rating , i have seen worse games that get higher ratings than this, it has loads of depth and looks like it was a very hard game to make, it must of taken them ages so deserves more rating than what it has.
2004.08.18 Ryan Nuca
Rating: 10

This game is incredible! If you have 1.08 mega-bits on your computer and any common sense, download this game! I look forward to any other game made by these two creators! 10/10!
2004.08.14 Charlo
Rating: --

Excellent game! Very challenging, but not extremely frustrating like one would expect. I recommend this to anybody.
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