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Title Genre Creator File Staff (?) Warn (?)
A Christmas Story Overhead Action Kostellano EXE 7.0
Au Sable Platform Action Amon26 EXE 8.0
Ball Fall Arcade Brian Elting EXE 7.2
BDS Puzzleworld Puzzle random EXE 7.0
Bombardment Wars Strategy Sparlatacus (PG Games) EXE 3.0
Cliff Gunner Arcade Ablach Blackrat EXE 5.7
Cooking Breakfast 2 Non-Game Program Sparlatacus (PG Games) EXE 2.0
Crush Arcade CoolMoose Productions EXE 7.0
Dark Caves Platform Action Hellbound EXE 7.5
Dark Caves 2 Platform Action Hellbound EXE 7.3
Death Dungeon 2 Puzzle Grashaboras EXE 7.0
Derelict Arcade Mark Wilson EXE 7.5
Desperation Platform Action The Enigmatic Jabberwock EXE 6.0
Destroyermech Arcade Oddwarg EXE 7.0
Destruere Pizzicato 2 Platform Adventure Rabidbolweevil EXE 7.0
Eerie Lightz Arcade Brad Harms (The Music Guy) EXE 7.3
Evac and Rescue Platform Action DarkArkProductions EXE 6.0
Forward Always Forward 2d Shooter Jph Wacheski (Iteration Games) EXE 7.5
Foxivous 2d Shooter Gareth Tilt (Snailfox) EXE 7.5
Gentleman Arcade interceptor EXE 7.7
Glum Buster Platform Adventure CosMind EXE 9.7
Immortal Defense Strategy rinkuhero EXE 8.3
Invader Other dessgeega EXE 7.5
Johnny Platform Action Sparlatacus (PG Games) EXE 3.8
Johnny 2 Platform Action Sparlatacus (PG Games) EXE 6.0
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