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Title Genre Creator File Staff (?) Warn (?)
Ambiguous Onslaught Platform Action Pink Moron EXE 7.0
Black Warrior Kingdom Platform Adventure knight666 EXE 6.0
Blast Radius Platform Action Dex (Chris Royer) EXE 5.7
Deal Platform Action JackRussel EXE 5.5
elu undersea Other clysm (tapeworm) EXE 8.3
Environmental Overthrow Arcade Pink Moron EXE 7.8
Essence Child Puzzle Living Energy Productions EXE 8.0
Guardian's Castle Overhead Action LiNkiN_RaGe EXE 7.5
Hard Hat: The Rebellion Platform Action Damaged EXE 7.6
Hell's Gate Platform Action SpanishGM's EXE 8.0
Ivan Platform Action teamOG EXE 7.3
Jetz Fusion Platform Action Shawn64 EXE 8.0
Knight Man II Overhead Action KingDiz Entertainment EXE 6.5
Legend of Shadow Platform Action Darthlupi EXE 9.0
Liquisity Other Mr.Chubigans EXE 8.4
Maneuver Puzzle Royal Monkey Gaming EXE 5.3
Operation Monsoon Overhead Action DRa90NBoi EXE 6.5
Passifism 2 Platform Action Deliriant Entertainment EXE 7.0
Raging Skies Overhead Action darthlupi EXE 9.0
Squares X Other Royal Monkey Gaming EXE 7.0
The Encryption 2d Shooter YoMamasMama EXE 6.2
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