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Title Genre Creator File Staff (?) Warn (?)
* Puzzle Raniero Lara-Garduno EXE 8.0
2-Dimensional Puzzle J2K EXE N/A
2StepWall Puzzle Serprex EXE N/A
Aboriginal's Maze Game Puzzle Aboriginal EXE N/A
Acidbomb Puzzle Mr.Chubigans EXE 7.8
Ancient Secret Puzzle Metalsoul EXE N/A
Antipodes Puzzle cec EXE N/A
Around U (v1,1) Puzzle D2neoly EXE N/A
Aztec Rescue Puzzle Simon Turner EXE N/A
Bacteria Puzzle Simon Donkers EXE 6.8
Bacteria 2 Puzzle Simon Donkers EXE 8.5
Balls & Fans Puzzle knight666 EXE N/A
Balls Too Puzzle Reanimation Software EXE N/A
Base Attack Puzzle Puzzle vgboy2002 EXE N/A
BDS Puzzleworld Puzzle random EXE 7.0
Block Puzzle Sascha Swiercy EXE 7.3
Block Blocker's Maze Thing Puzzle M. D. Bauer EXE N/A
Block Dood Puzzle Michael S. EXE N/A
BlockHead Puzzle Eric Hopkins EXE N/A
Blockit Puzzle Goomdaddy EXE N/A
Blockz Puzzle Grumpy King EXE N/A
Blogy N' The Attack of the Falling Heads Puzzle ZombieGames07 EXE N/A
Bloquest Puzzle Brandin Titanich EXE N/A
Blue Guy's Maze Puzzle shrinerfish EXE N/A
Bod The Blob Puzzle red_blupi GM6 N/A
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