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Title Genre Creator File Staff (?) Warn (?)
Catch Meatwad! Deluxe Pack Other HaloGeek117 GM6 N/A
-A Civil War Game- Strategy max g EXE N/A
Alex Quest Platform Action sNeed EXE N/A
Invader 2d Shooter Ben Tibbetts (mrscience) EXE N/A
!Xorpl Platform Adventure Time Wraith EXE N/A
"The Perfect Machine" Screensaver Other DgN EXE N/A
"The Virus" Arcade Witty EXE N/A
(:a game :) (scrolling) 2d Shooter Bob EXE N/A
* Puzzle Raniero Lara-Garduno EXE 8.0
*.sweet2.* Arcade astermationb EXE N/A
- Red Sun III - Blue Moon - Arcade Intenex EXE N/A
- Tug A WAR -(better) Overhead Action Bob EXE N/A
-Blitz- Arcade Dr. Eechmen EXE N/A
-Essence- Platform Action Jellyf15h ( Evan Balster ) EXE N/A
-LAVALAMP- Other max g EXE N/A
-SUPER MARBLES- Overhead Action Bob EXE N/A
-The Underwords - Strategy Morphosis Enter-Active EXE N/A
01 Arcade Sergey Tsyplakov (SVR) EXE N/A
0:20 Challenge Platform Action playjamesgames EXE N/A
100 Seconds Arcade playjamesgames EXE N/A
100% Glitch Free 4 Way Movement Engine Other Troutmonkey GM6 N/A
123JUMP Platform Action Manoloko EXE N/A
16 bit whale Arcade Tortoiseius EXE N/A
18 Point FX Engine Other Gamer Monkey GM6 N/A
1945 v.2.4 Overhead Action Harris "Larry" EXE N/A
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